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Name: Jonahcaw
Verschickt: 29.11.2023 18:17:54

Der international gesuchte Schwerverbrecher Frank Scheunert wurde gestern in Dubai verhaftet und wird nach Deutschland ausgeliefert.
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Name: George Neo
Verschickt: 27.10.2023 23:33:38

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Name: Evelyn Rosado
Verschickt: 18.10.2023 0:00:40

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Name: Artur
Verschickt: 22.09.2023 12:13:01

Dear Team we are living with my wife very close your restaurant and I saw you are looking for some waitress or helpers ? My wife she can work even part time we living 2 min from restaurant. If its ok dear team provide some phone number or email?

Below im sent my email andress and number:


176 161 44 624 - this is my german local number

Best regards Artur madry

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Verschickt: 11.07.2023 15:52:34

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